Q. How much will my website cost?
A. Every project is different. To give an accurate quote on any website, we need to know some details about your business, your website needs, if you need a shopping cart, etc. faqsWe charge a monthly fee for maintenance, and hosting your website is included with our monthly fee as well. Fill out the Contact Us form and we can discuss your project in greater detail.


Q. Why should I hire VCMM Creative Design?
A. We are honest and very well versed in the field we inhabit. We always immerse ourselves in the latest technologies right away, to the lasting benefit of our clients. Also, we won’t treat you like a number. We are here for you whenever you have a question or problem.


Q. What hidden costs exist?
A. None. All maintenance, design and hosting costs are discussed upfront, before you sign a contract. All websites require a web hosting server and a domain name. The minimal fees associated with these items are payable by all web site owners.


Q. How long does it take to build a website?
A.Because every website is different, this can vary depending on the details of the project. However, it generally takes 14 to 60 days to complete and launch a new website.